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Cosmetic Dentistry in Circleville, Ohio

Dr. Byers offers cosmetic methods for patients who wish to enhance the appearance of their smiles.

While all dentistry has a cosmetic focus, these voluntary procedures are aimed to directly impact the appearance of a patient’s teeth. With modern technology, Dr. Byers is able to brighten teeth, close gaps between teeth, and remedy teeth that are affected by stains, cracks or chips.

Our cosmetic methods include:


Veneers are thin "shells" that are placed over teeth with surface damage such as stains, chips and cracks. Veneers can also be used to help correct gaps between teeth, and to correct irregularly shaped teeth.

Teeth Whitening (Trays)

For patients who wish to whiten their teeth, we offer custom-fitting whitening trays that are designed to fit the unique shape of your smile. Professional whitening trays have substantially higher impact than over the counter solutions.

At Byers Dental, we do whatever we can to help our patients smile confidently. Are you looking for a whiter smile?

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