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Modern Amenities & Dental Technology Used By Dr. Byers In Circleville, OH

Byers Dental is an all-digital, modern dental facility.

Our amenities ensure that patients are relaxed and comfortable during their exams and procedures. Modern technology helps us to provide predictable, accurate, gentle and safe dental care. Each exam room is equipped with a 42” TV monitor, allowing patients to watch their favorite program while Dr. Byers provides their dental care. Investing in advanced dental technology gives us a unique advantage in delivering simply great dental care.

Our office includes the following modern technology:

Digital X-rays

Digital x-rays use sensors to capture pictures of the innermost parts of teeth, bones and soft tissues in the mouth. This modern form of x-ray uses considerably less radiation than traditional x-rays, making it a safer option to capture images of a patient’s mouth.

Digital Imaging

By using digital technologies, we are able to look at teeth and problem areas from multiple vantage points, and give patients a thorough diagnosis.

Intraoral Camera

An intraoral camera allows the patient to see what Dr. Byers sees, creating a uniquely collaborative dental exam. An image of your mouth will be captured with a handheld device and displayed on a chair-side computer monitor. The high-resolution image may be enlarged for further examination.

At Byers Dental, we pride ourselves in using the latest modern technology to serve your dental needs. If you have questions about our procedures or technology, we are happy to help.

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